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kPix is a midlet to do pixel/icon editing on your mobile phone.

Have you ever found yourself wishing you could do something more productive (and artsy) on your phone? That's why I've started this project. This software is definitely in the beginning stages. Eventually, it will support saving images internally, to the local file system and to an online server.

Click here to try it online (link broken to avoid linking to potential malware). (Requires Java Web Start. This will load the java mpowerplayer app to run the MIDlet.)


Version 0.5 is available if you'd like to see the continuing progress. We've got color. And now, featuring "Save"! :-)

Info (jad)


Press the pound key ("#") to access the toolbox. Press again to close. Press the star key ("*") to access the color palette. Press again to close. Press "0" (zero) to use the color of the currently selected pixel.
Toolbox icons:
* Pen tool
Click to color each pixel
Click to start paint drag, click again to release
Click to clear the canvas
Close current image
*: currently non-functional

Change Log:

0.5.2: Fixed a bug preventing the drag lock from being released. — 12/03/2023 Saving now works. Save names are limited (a default is used). — 4/29/2007

0.4: Implemented dual painting modes (single click & click and drag). The canvas can now be cleared. Oh yeah, and the eye dropper function (keypad 0) has been implemented. — 4/16/2007

0.3.4: Added a "Preview" feature. — 4/7/2007

0.3.1: Fixed an oversight that made it impossible to see the selected pixel when the current color is black (the default color is black). — 4/3/2007

0.3: We've got color! Bad color, but it's color! — 4/2/2007

0.2: Good-enough-for-me version. We've got painting action! — 3/29/2007

0.1.0: Initial start of kPix. Shows the splash screen and that's it. — 3/25/2007

Donating gives me a bit more incentive to get this stuff done. Thanks!