Growing up, I have always been interested in the arts. From drawing pictures to playing with Lego™ bricks, I have been interested in the creative process.

I began as any child, with simple drawings and an imagination full of ideas. Reading and public television (and other programming) was also beneficial to my learning about the world.

Another thing: music. Music was another element for me to learn about and to discover, while I don't have anywhere near a mastery over it, it is one of those mysterious things that draws passion from me.


As I went through school, I developed more of myself artistically. From continuing to draw on my own to drawing for others. I really liked to draw.

When my family got our first computer, I discovered the wonderful tool it could be for creation. From there, I took more steps, poking and prodding and tweaking and guessing to come up with interesting designs and images.


I have taken art from Art Instruction Schools and graphic and web design with Much of what I have learned in the web space, though, is self taught.


I have worked on personal projects, from flyers to websites (including adaptations of Flash sites for use on iPhone and iPad). You can find some examples in my portfolio.

Over the years, I've worked in many programming languages including AppleScript, Java, JavaScript, PHP and VBA as well as document coding with HTML and formatting with CSS. I'm familiar with Adobe's Photoshop and Illustrator; Microsoft Access and MySQL.