Gas Spotter

GasPricer has a new name! Gas Spotter is a Java MIDlet for use on mobile phones to store and/or submit gas prices to

It is currently in development. Click here to try it online (link broken to avoid linking to potential malware). (Requires Java Web Start. This will load the java mpowerplayer app to run the MIDlet.)


Version 0.2.6 is avalable for download!

Info (jad)

Gas Spotter


To use GasPricer, first you need to set up your gas stations.

  1. Open Gas Spotter
  2. Choose "Settings"
  3. Select an empty station field (e.g. "1 empty.")
  4. Enter the name of the station

Enter the Zip+4®. This is available from the Station Edit page or by searching for the station address at on the USPS web site. This is optional for now.

From the main screen, select the station you want to enter prices by using # (pound sign) to go forward and * (asterisk) to go back.

You can use up and down on the directional pad to change the individual digits or enter them directly using the keypad. If you use the keypad, the next number will automatically be selected. To change digits, use left and right on the directional pad (if available).

Change Log:

0.2.6: Changed name to Gas Spotter. 8/22/2006

0.2.5: Added support for 100 stations and prices. The "Routes" setting is visible, but not usable at this time. 8/5/2006

0.2.4: Added help menu. 1/28/2006

0.2.3: Fixed "Select" command and refined the "Delete All" routine. 1/6/2006

0.2.2: Fixed another record saving bug. 1/5/2006

0.2.1: Fixed record saving bug. 1/1/2006

0.2.0: Initial alpha Release. Added support for up to five gas stations and prices. This data is now saved. 1/1/2006

0.1.0: Initial pre-release of GasPricer. Allows entering of price data for one gas station only. — 11/13/2005

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